6 Things To Look For In Your Healthcare Provider

6 Things To Look For In Your Healthcare Provider

You’re sat in a waiting room full of yelling kids, and your name gets called. Your doctor, clearly flustered, babbles on and on about something you can’t understand, gives you some pills and forces you out.

That’s an unlikely scenario, but the principle stands. If your healthcare provider isn’t up to par, it could have adverse effects on your levels of stress, as well as your health. So make sure you only accept the best – and be on the lookout for these key features…


Do you feel comfortable with your doctor? If you have a problem that you’re particularly embarrassed about, then it’s important to choose one that makes you feel at ease.

Don’t be afraid to request a particular doctor when you make your appointment. It may mean you have to wait longer for a slot, but it’ll make the issue you have easier to resolve.


Are they using industry-approved hospital furniture? Is the building generally clean, and sanitary? You can always tell when a healthcare provider has invested in quality equipment for their customers. It makes you feel much more comfortable, and at ease.

This is everything from hospital beds to the cabinets you use to store your items when staying overnight. Make sure everything is clean, organized and neat! If the beds are moth-eaten and the floors are dirty, turn around and don’t look back. Your health could literally depend on it.


Do they offer emergency appointments? It’s important to be able to visit your doctor as quickly as possible if you deem it necessary. The healthcare provider should understand your situation, your worry, and slot you in as quickly as they can.

If you can never seem to land an urgent appointment at short notice, then it’s time to switch providers. Your health could be suffering here, and you can’t predict the severity of problems you may face in future.


Is the surgery easily accessible for you – can you walk there from your home, or is it a brief drive? Is it on a bus route? You may sustain an injury that prevents you from driving, so the surgery must be local.


Can you book appointments online? If yes, this could make all the difference. Rather than having to get up at 8am just to be able to reserve a slot, you can do it online the night before. This is quicker, easier and takes a load off your shoulders.

Plus, it lets you choose a time that’s suitable for you, rather than having to take what you get given. If you can fit in the appointment around all your other errands, you’ll feel more comfortable at it rather than having to rush to one you didn’t want.


Is the surgery/hospital secure? Is your information protected, and restricted? If you request it, can you access your files? It’s important that any sensitive information is kept under wraps – it could affect your job or your home life. Plus, since it’s your file, the healthcare provider should let you view it without a fuss.