Benefits of Green tea

Benefits of Green tea

Green tea has been often been touted as the healthiest drink on the plant. It has so many nutrients and antioxidants that can have a powerful effect on the body. Advantages of regular consumption include excelled brain function, lowered risk of cancer and even helps to reduce weight.

There are many green tea suppliers around the world so it essential that you do thorough research to ensure they are selling the real thing before buying from them. Given below are a few more benefits of drinking green tea on a regular basis.

Improve brain function: Green tea is a great alternative to coffee as it can help you stay awake so great to drink it during the mid-afternoon slump. But it’s also an excellent brain booster. The main ingredient in it is caffeine which is a popularly known stimulant. The amount of caffeine in green tea is much lower compared to that in coffee but enough to help sometime jolt awake. Apart from caffeine, it also has a powerful amino acid which helps to improve brain function.

Increases fat burn and physical endurance:  a lot of fat burning supplements will have green tea as its core ingredient because it actually works. Consuming green tea on a regular basis shows that it can help boost the metabolic rate of an individual and also increase the amount of fat burned. This is however in conjunction with a healthy diet and moderate activity.

Help protect your brain against various mental diseases: green tea is not only beneficial for improving brain health in the short term but drinking it on a regular basis can help to protect your brain from diseases that come naturally due to old age.  One of the most common diseases include Alzheimer’s which causes dementia where the person tends to forget important events, people or is even unable to do every day simple tasks on their own.

Helps with skin issues and promotes healthy skin: Drinking tea is especially great for people with skin issues like acne. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help to heal and repair the skin. Acne lesions become less inflamed, skin has a glow and feels much more hydrated. Including green tea as part of your daily water intake would be a great way to reap the benefits of this fantastic beverage.

The benefits of drinking green tea are numerous so if you are switching to a healthier way of lifestyle then one of the first things you should incorporate into your diet is green tea.

Green tea’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can help to soothe achy muscles and even skin disorder like acne.

It is also important to research about high quality green brands before going ahead and buying one as some brands pretend to be the real thing but are in fact cheap replicas of the real product. Cheaper brands also tend to have high levels of fluoride. Its taste might take some time to get used to but the benefits outweigh the cons. If you prefer your beverages to taste good, opt for some flavoured green teas to start out and then switch to stronger ones.