Healthy Living Includes both a Balance of Diet and Exercise

While it is true that eating a healthy meal in smaller portions throughout the day works wonders for losing weight, mild to moderate exercise also is important. Most of the people I meet today focus on one or the other, but you would be surprised at the results you get if you balance them both.

After having children, I began to gain weight quickly as I experienced the toll of a full time job raising kids and also working a job. It wasn’t until after my kids were 2 and half years old, that I started focusing back on a routine that involved a healthier diet and moderate weight lifting. I found a great set of cheap adjustable dumbbells for sale on Amazon. The part I like about adjustable dumbbells is the fact that I can adjust the weight easily and quickly. Also, I started eating oatmeal in the morning to help balance the cholesterol but it also helped with the weight issue as well.

The results of eating better and adding a workout routine into my schedule have vastly changed the way I view life in general. I also have more energy and excitement about doing the things that I know must be done around the house or taking the kids out to the park.  I hope that you have also found this useful and somewhat motivating if you have a really busy schedule and are looking for that push to get past the workout rut.

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