Help Your Addicted Partner With This 3-Step-Plan

Help With Addiction

Regardless of whether it’s drugs or alcohol, your partner’s addiction can destroy your relationship. They might continually lie to you or steal from you to fund their addiction. They might stop communicating with you or experience extreme mood swings. It can leave you feeling helpless and terrified about their safety and well-being each day. You might also start to enable them unintentionally due to being unsure of what to do. It can be a scary experience, but there are things you can do to help them. Follow this three step plan and help your addicted partner get onto the road to recovery.

Acknowledge and accept

Acknowledging and accepting the problem is something that both of you must do. Some addicts convince their partner that nothing is wrong by making excuses for their behavior. So don’t overlook the issue any longer and talk to your partner about it. It can be challenging and extremely upsetting. But once you have accepted that there is a cause for concern, you will be better equipped to help them. Remember that even though you have accepted their addiction, doesn’t mean they have. This can take some time, and they may need professional help to reach this point. Instead of trying to rush the process, use this opportunity to tell them you won’t accept their behavior anymore. Set some firm boundaries and stick to them.

Build your confidence

To avoid enabling your partner’s addiction, you need to build your confidence and learn to say no. Addicts can often make their partners feel worthless which then goes on to affect their self-esteem. So start doing things that make you happy to reclaim your self-worth and esteem. You might want to start dancing again or join an art class. This will make you feel stronger and more able to stand up to your partner’s addiction. This can also help you relieve the stress caused by your current situation. While it’s important to look after your partner, it’s just as important to look after your own wellbeing too.

Seek support ASAP

Dealing with an addict by yourself can be stressful, upsetting and overwhelming. So start to build a support network around you and your partner. You can join support groups which are tailored to gambling or crack addiction. These can be online, or you can attend weekly meetings. It could give you both an outlet to talk about your problems without judgment. You can visit your doctor and discuss the varying rehab options your partner could consider. Even gaining support from your family and friends will help to share the burden. Your partner might prefer opening up to a friend or relative rather than you. The most support you have around you the less alone and vulnerable you will feel.

You will play an integral role in helping your partner achieve a full recover from their addiction. These initial steps will be difficult, and it could take time for your partner to admit to their problems. So stay strong and seek support from others. That way you will increase your chances of saving your partner and your relationship.

Image Credit: Flickr