How To Stay Fit in Old Age

How to Stay Fit in Old Age

Just because you are a senior citizen does not mean that you cannot stay in shape and have a healthy lifestyle. It is very much possible for you to be physically and mentally fit with help from your doctor and by engaging in healthy habits on a regular basis. Here are tips on how you can stay fit even as a senior citizen.

Exercise Is Important

How to Stay Fit in Old AgeWhile it is true that you will not be able to do high intensity exercises you once enjoyed in your younger years, you can still do low impact exercises to stay in shape. Walking around the house or walking in the local park is a great way to stay fit and relieve some stress in your life from daily challenges you face. Brisk walking is the best way to walk but if you suffer from asthma or heart disease, you should monitor the intensity of your walks. Other good forms of exercise include light jogging, swimming and stretching. Dancing is also good for senior citizens and since balance becomes difficult for senior citizens, some exercises for maintaining balance would work. Try and engage in physical therapy exercises from time to time. This ensures that your body is not prone to injuries when exerted.


Mental Health Maintenance for Seniors

Senior citizens should not only keep themselves physically fit but also mentally fit because as a person ages, the brain cells shrink gradually and as a result the person’s memory is not as sharp as it was in years past. Some mental health experts recommend that senior citizens do memory-boosting activities such as puzzles, math problems and analytical reading on a regular basis to keep the mind sharp. Another way to have better mental health as a senior is to eat more fruits and vegetables and take vitamins daily such as B 12, vitamins C and D, and fish oil tablets. Build a good social life by joining local clubs and attending community events with loved ones.

 Your remaining years of your life do not have to be burdensome or physically draining because as you incorporate these tips into your daily life, you will start to look and feel better. Educate yourself on the latest health research regarding senior citizens and discuss the research with your doctor. Maintain a positive attitude and do not put too much stress on your body when exercising. Finally, you should spend as much time with loved ones as possible to combat loneliness, especially if you lost a spouse.