Five Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Five Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Going through life is rarely smooth. We get sick along the way, have our bumps and falls and pick up a few lingering pains. Some aches fade with time and don’t need to be worried about. There are other changes to our body, however, that we shouldn’t ignore. Some of these might seem small at the time. They might even prove to be small. On the other hand, they may be the symptom of serious conditions underneath. Below, we’re going to look at a handful of those symptoms you should never just ignore. If any of these fit you, it’s best to get them explained as soon as possible.

Lumps and bumps

Something that has rightly been receiving a lot of media attention lately is checking ourselves for lumps or bumps under our skin. The most obvious risk in finding one of these is cancer, but the truth is that there are several different causes. A lump on the back may as likely be a harmless lipoma as it might be something worse. Lumps near the spine in particular may need to be looked at by a specialist in orthopedic oncology given their position.

Constant fatigue

We are all likely to suffer from fatigue in our lives at one point or another. If we just haven’t had a night’s sleep, are in the middle of an intense exercise routine or nervous about an upcoming exam. Repeated fatigue can be symptom of deeper issues, however. In particular, mental health issues like severe stress or anxiety can lead to sleeplessness and feelings of fatigue.

Chest pains

Pains, discomfort or irregular sensations in the chest should be checked immediately. Heart disease and heart defects are some of the most common health risks in today’s population. Angina is another relatively common pain that can be difficult to distinguish from indigestion at times. At other times, it may be a lot more painful and a lot more dangerous. There are a lot more conditions that represent in the form of sudden chest pain or tightness. A lot of them can have fatal consequences if not treated right. For that reason, as soon as you feel new sensations or pain in the chest, it’s best to get them treated.

Shortness of breath

Similar to fatigue, we often feel shortness of breath. It can be difficult to tell when that shortness comes from exertion or something else. If you have difficulty breathing when lying down, or when talking, it’s time to get it checked out. Amongst other things, it might be a dangerous pulmonary embolism.

Unexplained weight loss

There are many who would lightly say that they would welcome sudden weight loss. All the same, the causes are no laughing matter. Reasons it needs to be taken seriously include: diabetes, depression or an overactive thyroid. Each of these can lead to more severe health risks if you’re unaware of them. If you are losing around 4.5-5kg in a period of 6-12 months or less without explanation, you may need to see a doctor.