Solanum Trilobatum – Thoodhuvalai – The Best Medicine for Common Cold and Asthma

Solanum Trilobatum - Thoodhuvalai

Solanum Trilobatum - ThoodhuvalaiSolanum Trilobatum also called as Thoodhuvalai (Tamil: தூதுவளை) is a herb used extensively in India especially in south India for treating common cold and Asthma. It is considered as one of the most important medicinal plants. It also cures all kinds of cough. It belongs to Solanaceae family.

It is not just the leaves that can be used to treat cold, cough or asthma, but also the berries and the flower. The plant is full of thorns even the leaves have thorns, the tip of the thorn is mildly toxic, hence you need to carefully remove the thorns before cooking. You can either cook it or can dry the leaves in shade and power it and consume it by mixing the power in water. Along with Vallarai (Centella asiatica), it also helps in improving the brain functioning.