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Foods that minimize period or menstrual cramps

Minimize Menstrual Cramps

Let me first start with the concept of period cramps. We all know that periods are painful always even without any complications and period cramps are just disasters for all. Menstrual cramps usually felt because of the expanding of uterus walls and the general area of the uterus is our stomach, so this is why we feel cramped in the stomach regions. There are many possibilities of this cause but I only mentioned the common one because I want to tell you about the treatment of period cramps. So here I go:

Top foods for minimizing period cramps:-

Minimize Menstrual Cramps1. Sesame seeds: these seeds are highly enriched in calcium and one can make a very good paste of it.
2. Parsley: yes, you heard it right! Parsley is common everywhere and are packed with vitamins minerals. This food can help you in fighting with aching.
3. Celery: as everyone knows; celery is the best to fight with water retention in our body.
4. Fresh Dill: fresh dill is helpful to increase calcium levels in our body and you can add them to any meal; salads, breakfast, dip etc.
5. Salmon: inflammation can cause acute pain and omega-3 is a fighting substance for this. One plate of salmon will be very good to eat in these days. Sacha inchi seeds are also enriched with omega-3, so you can have them too if you’re living near amazon.
6. Tea: an herbal tea is good for everything and especially for reducing period cramps. Try having 2-3 cups a day but stay away from caffeine tea because that can reciprocate the trouble.
7. Hummus: These chickpeas are the best natural mood swingers and can give you lots of nutrition. Eating them alone or with anything else will be very good for your sleep without pain.
8. Dark chocolate: I am sure you are very happy to see this name in the list, I mean everyone loves dark chocolates. Good things come at last; this is why I putted it in my last food tip. Dark chocolates made up with over 70% cocoa will be the best for you and these chocolates will help in relaxing your muscles.

Note: Please ignore dairy products and red meat in these days as they contain arachadonic acids which can trouble prostaglandins. Try to avoid alcohol and Tobacco intake. Too much sugar will also result in deep pain.
So now you know the natural way to help yourself and foods to minimize period cramps. I hope your pain will fade into oblivion.