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Natural Home Remedies to Lighten The Skin Complexion

Home Remedies for Skin Lightening

A clear, even and glowing skin complexion is what everyone longs for. However to attain such a complexion most people tend to opt for the harsh commercial skin products and bleaches. However more and more people are now opting for natural home remedies instead of chemical products. Most kitchen cabinets will have all the natural ingredients required to create a home remedy to make the skin whiter and clearer. The best part about these natural remedies is they are devoid of any side effects that are usually associated with the chemical products. You just need to educate yourself thoroughly about these home remedies before getting started.

Home Remedies for Skin LighteningAlmost everyone will encounter some kind of skin problem at some point in their life. The occurrence of skin conditions like eczema, acne, uneven pigmentation and wrinkles are on the rise due to the increased pollution, exposure to high UV radiations, stress and unhealthy lifestyle. If you try to combat these issues with the commercial creams and lotions, then you will end up with several long term side effects.

Home remedies are more effective when you approach the problem in a holistic way, any external natural remedy should always be complemented with a balanced diet. Any home remedy for skin condition will be more effective when you consume a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and lot of fluids. Consuming a lot of water hydrates our skin and also eliminates the toxins from our body.

Common Home Remedies for a Whiter Skin:

Lemon: It has good amount of citric acid and is a natural and safe bleaching agent. It will improve the skin tone and remove minor scars. You can apply fresh lemon juice using a cotton ball, then leave it for 5 minutes before rinsing it off.

Red Clay: Red Clay is a mineral soil without any calcareous material. Red clay has the mineral kaolinite in it. Kaolinite, is widely used in various cosmetics, kaolinite facepack is a natural way to make your skin more radiant.

Turmeric: Turmeric is often called as the queen of Ayurvedic medicine, it has numerous health benefits when taken internal, when applied externally, it can heal the damages caused due to sunburn and also make your skin whiter.

Orange peel and yogurt: A paste made out of orange peel and yogurt will lighten you skin and will eliminate minor blemishes.

There are several other simple but effective home remedies to lighten you skin. Check the YouTube video to know more about skin whitening home remedies.