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Natural Ways to Counter & Eliminate Stuffy Nose

Stuffy Nose

Introduction: Ever woke up with a blocked nose which is so uncomfortable that might make one get a headache too?

Most would often encounter stuffy nose due to blockage of mucus through the nasal passages. Allergic infection, drinking a cold beverage might have been the culprits. Many would fret for this unknown entity which is very common. This happens because of nasal congestion that causes tightness in breathing followed by runny nose in association and hence would likely make one breathe from mouth. Worry not for this. Furthermore there are plenty of natural ways to get rid of the stuffy nose. Here are some of the tried and tested methods. Have a look see!

Basic Remedies Available at Your Home:

1. Eucalyptus / Tea Tree Essential Oils: These act as a natural decongestant for that troublesome stuffiness. One way is adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil into the boiling water and repeatedly inhaling vapor / steam for 20-25 times without halting. This behaves as a catalyst for dissolving, unclogging mucus membrane. Use preferably a Turkish towel to cover head while inhaling through the nostrils is recommended. Another way is to dab a few drops of eucalyptus oil over the napkin / handkerchief and inhaling it for the rest of the day to bring down inflammation, swelling of the nasal passages. This essential oil is widely available in the market.

2. Salt Solution: Take 1 tablespoon of table salt, add it to a vessel of water containing 2 cups (200 ml), and boil it gradually for a minimum of 10-15 minutes. Set aside for the solution to cool off. If you have a sterile syringe, draw the solution and put 10 drops each for individual nostril. This is another sure shot method to counter & alleviate the condition. On the contrary, drinking warm water with a pinch of salt does the trick side by side too.

3. Install Humidifier: A person’s sinuses produce mucus on irregular intervals because the place he / she live may be of very dry surrounding which is infested with millions of tiny little allergens, dust particles. To overcome this obstacle, one must opt for installing humidifier at homes to regulate room temperature.

4. Hot Compress: If one feels a lot of discomfort, applying medium-hot compress from a sanitized towel / cloth onto the face will ease the stuffiness thereby bringing down the swelling to the maximum. The heat for the moisture helps one to amplify mucus drainage so that he / she can blow in a concise and easier way.

5. Hydrate Yourself: To make sure one does not get dehydrated, always drink plenty of boiled water to keep the sinus membranes intact. Dry sinuses usually create more mucus output likewise blocking the nasal passages. And it does not have to be plain tasteless water. It can be taxing to consume boiled water. Supplement a each tablespoon of ginger juice + juice of basil leaves + lemon juice (Vitamin C) + honey into the water. This is an ideal mixture for cold, runny and stuffy nose.

Helpful Hints / Other Useful Pointers:

1. Eating deep fried, unhygienic, oily and cold food which generally triggers the symptoms drastically must be avoided at all costs. Change your diet to cooked and steamed food. Boiled egg (a good heating element), Chicken noodles soup is the best food you can use it in your arsenal.

2. Stay away from dairy for now as it is the major cause for mucus production and wheat products which can only make the condition worse than better. Do not consume coffee, artificial / refined sugar. These too will increase mucus production.