Benefits of coconut oil

Benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil has been a cult favourite not only in the kitchen but also in other areas like beauty and fitness. This tropical delicacy has numerous benefits and if you have never utilised its full potential then you are seriously missing out.

Here are some benefits of coconut oil which will convert you into a fan of his powerful fruit.

Controls weight:

Coconut oil is easily digested compared to many other oils and helps to protect our body from insulin resistance. To reap the benefits of coconut oil in weight loss, start by taking one teaspoon of the oil every day on its own or add it to your salads and stir-fry’s. Gradually increase to four teaspoons a day. You should see a difference in a few months provided you eat healthy and do some moderate workout.

Eases digestion:

If you find that you suffer from bloating or poor digestion then incorporating this oil in your diet will help a lot. According to studies, coconut oil has been proven to help people with digestive disorders which include those caused by microbes and irritable bowel syndrome. Coconut oil is anti-microbial which will help to eliminate or reduce bacteria or parasites.

Helps to manage diabetes

Diabetes is known as the silent killer so knowing that there is a natural remedy that helps to manage and prevent this disease is a comforting thought. According to medical research, coconut oil helps to protect us from insulin resistance, which can then help to reduce the risk of us getting type 2 diabetes.

Increases our metabolism

Coconut oil is also a great booster for our metabolism. People who take about two tablespoons of coconut oil everyday burn a lot more calories compared to those who took less than that. It’s a well-known fact that having a faster metabolism, helps to boost the immune system and keep the extra weight off.

Helps to reduce wrinkles

Coconut oil is a versatile and multitasking product. It’s not only useful in the kitchen but also helps with healing our skin as well. It’s great for aging skin and helps to prevent and reduce wrinkles and sagging of the skin. When applied daily, it will add a nice and natural glow to your skin. Ensure you use oil that is unrefined and natural as possible.

Stops sugar cravings

Curbs sweet cravings: if you have a sweet tooth and find yourself reaching for the nearest jar of cookies or grabbing a spoonful of ice cream after lunch, here’s something to curb that. Try to have a teaspoon of coconut oil after your meal which can help those cravings for something sweet. One of the reasons we have this craving is due to inadequate nutrition. So if you fuel your body with proper amounts of protein and fats, you should stay satisfied for longer.