Healthiest Options at Fast Food Restaurants

Healthy Food fastfoods

It’s hard to avoid dining at fast food restaurant in today’s fast paced world. There’ll always be that time when you’ll have to break your current diet so you can grab a snack from one of the fast food chains near you. So for all those times you have to dine at those so-called greasy stops, here are the healthiest food choices that you should pick from the menu:

1. Caesar Salad

You can’t go wrong with a serving of crunchy veggies served with grilled or broiled chicken bits. While the dressing may discourage you, a little of it won’t hurt so much.

2. The junior-sized burgers

Pan grilled burgers are always the way to go. But just be sure that it’s sized smaller than usual. A regular size hamburger easily goes way off the mark in terms of calorie count and saturated fats. So if you have to eat a burger joint, consider going for the kid’s meal.

3. Chicken breast fillet

If you have to eat chicken, be sure that it comes from the leanest part, the breast. The skin has to be removed and there should be no breading at all. Grilled and broiled are preferable instead of fried. A veggie side dish to go along with it is most ideal.

4. Fresh garden pizza

Pizza is one of the most famous fast food items today. So if you are craving for one, be sure that you pick the ones that come with purely vegetable toppings. Chicken is okay if you want a slice of meat to go along with it too.

5. Sandwiches

You can’t go wrong with a serving of freshly prepared sandwich like what mom used to prepare at home. Tuna, chicken, and egg sandwiches are your healthiest options.

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