Overcoming Sports Injuries Through Exercise And Proper Nutrition

Crutch Bags

How Nutrition Helped Me With A Terrible Sports Injury:
It was my junior year and I had passed out from the pain. I was more concerned with whether we made it to the state championship, but I should have been more concerned with my health because when I had awoken, the doctor said I had broken my femur in 2 places.

I limped around school with crutch bags full of pain killers. I didn’t know if I would ever walk right again, much less be able to play football. I tried to keep what my doctor said in mind about diet and rehabilitative exercise.

I Stuck To It:

Every single awful rehabilitative drill seemed to last forever. Luckily the dieting was pretty easy: I just had to eat a lot of protein, calcium, and make sure that I got all the essential nutrients to recover. I even took an Omega-3 pill to help naturally deal with the post-surgery depression.

Did It Work?

Crutch BagsI not only kept my medications in my crutch bags, but also a healthy snack and a multivitamin my doctor recommended. By the summer, the fractures had fully healed and I had a healthy enough bone mass to play light sports.

No I did not play anymore junior year; but, senior year I came back a stronger and better player. When I tried out for the varsity team, not only was I as good as I was before, but I was faster and had more energy as well.

The dieting and exercise not only helped me eventually play again, but it also had made me a more capable athlete than I ever was before.