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Creating a Superset Workout

Superset Workout

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to shed those persistent extra pounds or looking to build your muscles; the best way to go about it is by creating a superset workout plan. Supersets are nothing but doing back-to-back exercises without giving the muscle-set any rest.  It is also not mandatory to work  only one set of muscles, instead it could also be a combination of different muscles and workouts. It could be a combination of ‘resistance and yoga’ or ‘cardio and yoga (or stretching)’.

If you are not new to physical exercises then you can easily create duo, or triple combinations (muscle sets). Something like

  • Shoulder and biceps  – a duo combo
  • Chest and triceps – a duo combo
  • Chest, back and yoga – a triple combo
[/starlist] [box type=”info” ]According to CDC “In 2011, only 29% percent of high school students had participated in at least 60 minutes of physical activity regularly. 14% of high school kids don’t participate in any kind of physical activity”.[/box]

Today it is a proven fact that inactivity is the root cause of deaths related to colon cancer, heart disease and other issues like obesity, arthritis, high BP and asthma. Even if you have not done any kind of physical activity in the recent past, you can start right away and device a physical activity plan. The best way to go about it is knowing about your body and researching about the workouts that will suit you.

Opting for supersets have several benefits:

  • The most common excuse for not working out regularly is the ‘lack of time’. Supersets saves time, it can reduce the workout time by 40% with similar results.
  • You can condition and strengthen all muscle groups every week. A 30 minute workout can help you strengthen up to 4 muscle groups easily.
  • You can do both anaerobic and aerobic workouts simultaneously.
  • It is more exciting than conventional workouts.
  • Lot of emphasis on stretching and hence lesser risk of injuring yourself.

Will Supersets work for everyone?

Superset WorkoutInspite of fewer breaks there won’t be a significant decrease in the weights you lift or the number of reps. So, it will work for everyone.

However planning a superset is very important. If you don’t have the knowledge of the muscle sets and workout techniques, then it is better to take the advise of a trainer. You can also do a research online, and learn from reputed websites run by trusted trainers. One of the best online resources we recommend is supersets at http://www.fitness-baron.com , the website covers everything you need to know about supersets. The website also has a lot of information on building muscle, yoga, nutrition, weight loss and equipment.

Good Luck.