Weight Loss

Wight Loss & Detox Tips for the New Year

Detox Foods

The holidays are here, and we can all over indulge a little over the festive period. A lot of us will make goals for the new year to lose weight, be healthier and get the body that we want. Do you know what? It can happen. 2016 could be your year for these changes! Here are a few tips to start your new year off right; the healthy way.

Drink Plenty of Water

We all know this one, but it can be hard to implement. Pretty much all weight loss programs tell you to drink a lot of water as it aids weight loss and keeps you feeling full. Quite often if you feel a little hungry, it could just be because you are dehydrated. At least two litres of water a day is what to aim for. This should just be pure water too. Don’t add juice or concentrate.

Drinking plenty of water is great for detoxing, though. It flushes out toxins that make are making us feel sluggish and gets our body functioning at its optimum.

Plant Based Food

A plant-based diet can be a good kick start for a weight loss journey. It fills your body with vitamins and minerals and helps you feel great. A plant based diet means food that aren’t processed and avoids too much meat and dairy.

Snack on things like nuts and seeds and you should avoid sugary drinks too. If you feel like you need a natural sugar hit, go for dried fruit or dates. You could even bake some energy bites using natural cacao rather than chocolate. It will still hit you with some sweetness but without the blood sugar highs. Try it for at least two weeks and you will notice the difference. It will boost weight loss, and it will leave you feeling full of energy.

If you want a big kick start or need a boost to start you off, you could try weight loss medicines like Duromine. If you are unsure about them, here’s how Duromine pills work.

Increase Your Step Count

There is still a little time to request a stocking filler for a gift of a pedometer this Christmas. A step counter can be so useful to see how active you are. Often we think we do more than actually do. A good number of steps to aim for is over 10,000. Try this out in the new year and I bet you’ll be surprised how little you do. Being more aware of this and increasing your step count will then become part of your normal routine. You will just naturally move more. Making changes like this is more likely to lead to a permanent healthy lifestyle, rather than just a fad.

Lift Weights

You don’t need to try to be a bodybuilder, but lifting weights that are the right size for you, will help build strength. If you are stronger and more toned, it will help your overall wellness. You will have better posture and endurance. You might not lose weight in pounds right away, but it will help you to lose inches.